Our Mission

SAHAI is committed to prevent young adults succumbing to spinal cord injuries, by early intervention and rehabilitation enabling them to stand on their own feet thereby saving their families from economic deprivation and thus creating a healthy and equitable society where the physically challenged are empowered to lead independent and dignified lives.


SAHAI (Social Aid for the Handicapped and Infirm) was registered as a Charitable Trust in Coimbatore India in the year 1998. This venture was the initiative of a renowned Neurosurgeon Prof. Dr. Thomas Joseph former Professor of Neurosurgery Christian Medical College Vellore. Eminent Doctors, Industrialists and socially conscious people from other walks of life joined him wholeheartedly in this pioneering venture.

There are over 40 million physically challenged persons in our country of which more than 2 million are paraplegics. Most of them are economically backward and have no hope for mobility, education, training or employment. Although surgery for spinal stabilization and physiotherapy are available, they are beyond the affordability of the economically weaker sections. There are only about half a dozen centers for rehabilitation of persons with spinal cord injury in the entire Country

ABOUT SSIRC (SAHAI Spinal Injuries Rehabilitation Centre)

SSIRC is a 15 bedded rehabilitation centre with a well equipped therapy hall offering free food and treatment for the spinal cord injured paraplegics and quadriplegics. It is located in pristine surroundings in the outskirts of Coimbatore.

Facilities: General Ward 8 beds / Semi General Ward 4 beds / Semi Private 2 beds /Private 1 bed.

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